How to connect my patient’s device for the first time


I want to link my patient’s device to their RocheDiabetes Care Platform account for the first time.


Follow the steps to connect your patient’s device for the first time:

The first time you connect a device, the system will prompt you to assign the device to a patient account.

Check that Device Link is running and auto-upload is enabled. If not, start the Device Link software and enable auto-upload.

Set the device to communication mode. For this, follow the instructions in the Device Link User Guide.

After you have connected the device, Device Link will recognize it automatically.

You may be asked to enter your email and password before you can start the upload.

When uploading a device for the first time, you will get a message that the device association is pending.

Click Next to start the upload.

Data upload confirmation screen

  • Assign the device

    The Device Link software opens the RocheDiabetes Care Platform in the default browser.

    You may be asked to sign in to your account.

  • Confirm device

    After sign in, the system will prompt you to confirm the name and serial number of the device to be assigned.

    Click Confirm device assignment.

    Confirm device assignment

  • Assign patient

    1. Locate the patient’s name in the list of recently added patients or use the search field to locate your patient by name or ID.
    2. To add a new patient, clickNew patient icon and follow this article.
    3. Click Select to assign the device to the patient.
      Assign patient to device
  • Confirm assignment

    In the final step, the screen displays information about the selected device and the patient.

    1. Click Confirm assigned device.
      Connected device
    2. A message confirms the device has been successfully assigned to the patient.
    3. Click Go to dashboard to return to patient view.