How to upload patient data from other supported devices (Windows)


I want to upload my patient’s data from their other supported device.


If it is the first time you are uploading data, the following article could be helpful to you:
How to install the Device Link software to upload patient data
How to connect my patient’s device for the first time

To upload data from other supported devices:

  • Open the Device Link software.

    1. For Windows operating systems, left-click the button in the system tray to show hidden icons, then right-click the Device Link iconicon.
    1. Select Manual Upload - other devices from the menu.
      Manual Upload - other devices
    1. Select the device you would like to upload the data from.
      Tip: Enter the device name in the search field or scroll to locate the device.
    2. Click Next.
      Device selection

    Additional features can help you filter/customize future uploads:

    recent devices Displays recently used devices.

    favorite Displays devices marked as a “Favorite”.

    devices and filters Shows all available devices and filters.

    settings Opens settings for marking devices as a “Favorite” or hiding devices you no longer use.

  • Prepare the device for data upload.

    1. Follow the connection instructions for the selected device.
    2. Click Import data.
      Import data
  • If it is the first time you are uploading data from this device, you need to set up the device.

    1. On the Setup device screen, enter the email and password for your RocheDiabetes Care Platform account and click Sign in to account. Setup device screen
    1. The screen displays the device name and serial number. Click Next.