How to set up patterns for a patient


I want to set up patterns for my patient.


Setting patterns allow you to quickly and easily visualize your patients’ self-monitored blood glucose data to discover patterns and draw attention to areas that might need intervention.

Moreover, you can make consultations more efficient and create a collaborative conversation around your patients’ self-monitoring.

To set up patterns for a patient:

  1. Click on the Patterns icon  on the sidebar from the patient view. If this is the first time you are accessing patterns, you will be directed to the patient setup screen.
  2. Configure the Pattern parameters for your patient.
  3. Review the Minimum tests required to view a pattern and the Glucose target ranges. These are initially predefined but can be customized for each patient.
  4. The section Configure patterns will allow you to select up to 21 different glucose patterns organized into five groups:
    • Hypoglycemia
    • Hyperglycemia
    • Variability
    • Use of system
    • Treatment adherence
  5. In Configure patterns, you can also customize exactly when the RocheDiabetes Care Platform will highlight a pattern. A color indicator displays next to each pattern and group to signal if a pattern has been triggered:
    • Green—no pattern triggered
    • Red—pattern triggered
    • Gray—insufficient data
  6. After completing your patient setup, click Save configuration and confirm.
  7. Once completed and saved, the Patterns tab will now open the patterns dashboard for your patient.