How to set alerts to monitor a patient’s optimal intervals of glycemia


I want to set alerts to know when my patient goes out of their optimal intervals of glycemia.


From the Pick up at center module, you can track if your patient has hypos (low or very low) and/or hypers.

You can activate three types of alerts: hypo, hyper, and lower limit. The thresholds are divided into three ideal intervals (before meal, after meal, and bedtime), which have been previously established with the glucose target ranges.

Set alerts

To set an alert for a patient:

  1. Expand the Pick up at center card from the patient view and click Alerts.
    Alerts tab
  2. Toggle on the alert you want to activate under Alert configurations.
  3. Click + and to select when to receive alerts, for example, after more than 2 hypos.
  4. Click Save. Alert configurations

On setting and activating the alerts, the Delivery status will change when a patient goes out of range or when these alerts are triggered. The software may require the patient to visit their healthcare professional.

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