How to deliver extra test strips to a patient


My patient needs extra test strips delivered.


If for any given reason the patient needs extra test strips delivered, you can deliver new ones manually.

Using the established guideline, the system calculates when the patient might need new test strips so that you can automatically deliver them upon their visit to the center. Admin roles can’t edit guidelines.

Manual delivery

In the instance that the patient needs test strips manually delivered, you will have to:

  • Click on the Strip management  card to expand it.
  • If necessary, report lost or damaged test strips to recalculate the patient stock:
    1. Go to the Lost strips section.
    2. Enter the amount or click +.
    3. Click Recalculate strips to adjust the next delivery accordingly.
      Lost strips
  • Indicate that your patient needs additional test strips manually delivered:
    1. Go to the Extra strips section.
    2. Enter the number of test strips containers delivered.
    3. Include the reason in the comment box.
    4. Click Manual delivery.
      Extra strips delivered