How to seek and receive reimbursement for a remote consultation


I want to create patient care and billing reports including the time spent on remote consultations.


Time tracking allows you to document patient care activities, including the time spent on a visit, and export a billing report, which can facilitate the reimbursement process.

To start tracking the time of a visit, go to the patient view for the selected patient and a timer will start automatically. As soon as you leave the page, the timer will stop and the visit will end.

  • Export a patient care report

    After every visit, you can export a report so that it forms part of the patient’s clinical file, including the following data: patient ID, center name, HCP name, date of visit, and time spent.

    1. To include additional information in your report, such as a note, the communication method, or the activities performed, click the timer.
    2. Click Save.
    3. To access it once saved, go to the sidebar of patient view and click the tag Report below the date.
  • Export a billing report

    You can generate and export a billing report of all the patients enrolled in the RPM program you have visited during a specific time period. This report includes the information gathered from each patient visit in time tracking.

    To create a billing report:

    1. Click the actions menu icon from the navigation bar, and select Export billing report.
    2. Click the calendar and select the desired time period.
    3. Click Done.
    4. Click Create report.
    5. If the report has been created, a confirmation message appears. If an error occurs, click Retry.