How to communicate with my patient using the RocheDiabetes RemoteCare solution


I want to communicate with my patient remotely.


RocheDiabetes RemoteCare is an optional module that helps you monitor your patients remotely and can help improve communication channels between healthcare professionals and patients.

This solution can help encourage your patients to engage more with their treatment and help them better self-manage their diabetes.

To access all the available tools to communicate with your patients in between visits, select the desired patient and click the on Notes & reports  or Video consultation  to expand it.

  • Communication via notes and comments

    Notes and comments can be used to:

    • Record and share relevant patient notes with the healthcare team for coordinated patient support.
    • Communicate with your patient and proactively share therapy recommendations and guidance.

    RemoteCare tools

    To create a note:

    1. Click the notes icon  on the top bar, and click Create note.
    2. To start communicating with your patient, select the checkbox below to share it with them.

    To comment on an existing note:

    1. Click Comments below the note.
    2. Click Add a comment below the relevant note.

    Patients can read all shared notes and comments and add their own comments from:

    • the mySugr® app (for patients with a mySugr® account and enrolled in Data sharing).
  • Communication using video consultation

    Video consultation is an optional feature with which you can communicate with your patients remotely and optimize your visits.

    Video consultation

    To initiate a video consultation, click the video icon  on the top bar:

    1. Click Send invitation to send your patient an email and/or SMS invitation link. This link expires after 5 minutes.
    2. Click Join now to open the video preview and settings screen.
    3. Review the camera, microphone, and speaker settings, as required, and click Start.

    To write a note during the consultation, click the notes icon, type your note and click Save.

    If you decide to cancel before the video consultation starts, the patient will be notified by email and the invitation link will expire automatically. If the patient leaves the video call, they will be able to rejoin using the same link, as long as you have not ended the call.