How to identify patients who may benefit from remote monitoring


I want to identify patients at a higher level of risk that may benefit from further remote care.


Patient management enables you to track glycemic patterns and identify patients in need of further assistance, and who may therefore benefit from enrolling in RocheDiabetes RemoteCare.

  • 1. Identify patients at risk

    The RocheDiabetes Care Platform allows you to visualize patient data and connect to multiple devices, apps, and solutions so that you can track, analyze, and act on glycemic patterns.

    Preset configurations enable you to follow your patient’s progress between visits, see when there are deviations, and remotely adjust agreed treatment plans if necessary.

    Additionally, you can set personalized glycemic pattern configurations for each patient, and set up notifications for when glucose test frequency deviates from pre-defined settings. For further details, see this article.


  • 2. Enroll your patient in the Remote Patient Monitoring program

    After identifying patients needing further monitoring, you may consider enrolling them in the Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program.

    RPM is designed to define a period of intense management for patients who may be having difficulties, who are newly diagnosed, or who have recently changed therapy. To learn how to enroll a patient, refer to this article.

    Once you enroll your patient, a blue sidebar will display giving you access to all the tools within RocheDiabetes RemoteCare. With these, you can easily communicate between visits, and create patient care and billing reports.

    RemoteCare tools

    Through the notification center, you can check if your patient has had two or more hypoglycemic episodes in the past 14 days, if they are not uploading data regularly enough, or if there are responses from patients to the notes or comments you send to them.