How to visualize patient data from their mySugr® account


I want my patient to sync their glucose values via their mySugr® account.


To enable your patient to share their data using the mySugr® mobile app, follow these steps:

For existing patients:

  1. Go to Patient settings and select Edit patient.
  2. Select the mySugr® data sharing checkbox.
  3. Click Save.

When creating a new patient:

  1. Select the mySugr® data sharing checkbox.
  2. Enter the patient’s information, including the email.
  3. Click Save.

  1. The patient will receive an email to enable the synchronization with their mySugr® account. Track the status of the invite under the mySugr® data sharing checkbox, it will change from pending to active when ready.
  1. Once the patient connects both accounts, refresh the patient view page to see all the patient’s blood glucose values.
    If the patient uses a device to monitor their blood glucose values on the mySugr® app, it will be listed under the patient’s devices on the RocheDiabetes Care Platform.