How to share my health data from mySugr® with my doctor


I want to share health data with my doctor using mySugr®.


To start sharing your health data with your doctor, you should connect a mySugr® account to your RocheDiabetes Care Platform account.

  • Install the mySugr® app and create an account

    1. Your doctor must invite you to share data using the mySugr® app. Open the invitation email and tap the link to download the mySugr® app.
    2. The app store will open. Tap download and install.
    3. Go to the mySugr® app and type your email address to create a new account.
    4. Open the confirmation email, tap Confirm my email or enter the verification code into the mySugr® app.
    5. Choose a password, accept the consent statements, and tap Create account.
    6. Select your diabetes type, therapy setting, BG measurement settings, and other important information about your diabetes management.
  • Share health data with your doctor

    1. Open the mySugr® app and tap Share now.
    2. Review the information about sharing and tap Connect.
    3. Open the email and tap the link to set a password for your RocheDiabetes Care Platform account.
    4. Tap Open to return to the mySugr® app.
    5. Enter a password and tap Save password.
    6. Sign in to your RocheDiabetes account with the same email address you used to set your password.
    7. Review the consent statements and tap Accept.
    8. Tap Done.