How to connect existing patients


I want to invite my patient to share their health data. 


To invite your patient to connect. First, ask your patient to provide you with their sharing code from mySugr® app.

If your patient requires assistance to generate the sharing code, please follow this article:

Once the patient provides you with the sharing code: 

  1. Login to your RocheDiabetes Care Platform account and search for your patient’s name using the search bar.
  2. Select the patient you wish to connect with.
  3. Click on the drop-down menu on your patient's account name, and select Connect & edit.
  4. Type in the sharing code previously provided and click Connect.
  5. Confirm that “Your patient details” match the “Sharing code details”. 
  6. Check the box: “I have reviewed the details from the sharing code and hereby confirm they belong to the patient I want to connect”.
  7. Click Connect.
  8. Once the “Patient connected” message is displayed, click Save.