How to enable automatic uploads from other supported devices


I want my device to upload data automatically when I connect it to my computer.


To enable automatic uploads from your device, read the instructions below.

You can upload data automatically in one of two ways:

  1. With the import folder monitoring (enabled by default).
  2. If your device is recognized by automatic device detection (disabled by default).

  • 1. Import folder monitoring

    During the SCC installation, an import folder for file auto-upload named RDCP Device Link is created on your desktop. Drag and drop your file into the import folder. The SCC will automatically start and read the device data.

  • 2. Automatic device detection

    If automatic device detection is enabled, the SCC will detect your device when connected to your computer, and automatically read the data.

    To know if your device is recognized by automatic device detection, check the table from this article.