Learn more about EMR integration


I want to learn more about Electronic Medical Record (EMR) integration.


An Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system is a software platform that allows the electronic entry, storage, and maintenance of digital medical data. EMR Integration enables your center’s EMR to exchange data with the RocheDiabetes Care Platform.

Once the integration is enabled, it will allow your Hospital Information System (HIS) to create and update professional and patient profiles within the RocheDiabetes Care Platform.

Additionally, you can generate a report and send it to your EMR.

To maintain the privacy and security of personal information, if the RocheDiabetes Care Platform is integrated with the EMR at your center, the Hospital Information System (HIS) is the administrator for creating (and editing some of) the following information:

  • Patient profile, health, and personal information
  • Professional profile information

Therefore, healthcare professionals and patients will be created through your center’s EMR and not via the RocheDiabetes Care Platform. Likewise, some fields on the Edit patient and Edit your profile screens inside the RocheDiabetes Care Platform will be read-only and can't be modified. These fields are grayed out. However, anything related to options within the RocheDiabetes Care Platform that do not affect EMR can still be edited. For example:

  • The language in which you view the RocheDiabetes Care Platform
  • Patient profile options
  • Enabling access to other mobile apps to sync with the RocheDiabetes Care Platform