How to generate EMR reports


I want to generate Electronic Medical Record reports.


The EMR integration allows you to generate reports for your patients. Each report displays information for the time period currently selected on the patient profile bar, including:

  • Patient name and ID number
  • Time period of the report
  • Total and average number of BG tests
  • Average BG (Blood Glucose)
  • Variability
  • Glucose level distribution

Additionally, daily totals display in a table, including carbohydrate intake and insulin data.

  • To generate EMR reports:

    1. Go to patient view for the selected patient.
    2. Click the Send EMR icon on the navigation bar.Send EMR icon
    3. When the report has been generated, a confirmation message appears. Click Ok.
    4. If an error has occurred, click Retry.
    5. You can now access and print the report from your center’s EMR system.