How to communicate with my doctor using the RocheDiabetes RemoteCare solution


I want to communicate with my doctor using the RocheDiabetes RemoteCare solution.


If your doctor enrolled you in the Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program, you will be able to communicate with them remotely using the tools within the RocheDiabetes RemoteCare solution. These communication tools enable you to:

  • Exchange notes and comments with your doctor

    You can view the notes and comments your healthcare professional shared with you, and reply:

    • From your mySugr® app:
      1. You will get notified by email if your doctor messages you.
      2. To read the message and reply, open the mySugr® app and go to your inbox.
      3. Whenever you reply, your doctor will get notified.
    • From your dashboard:
      Click the notes icon from the sidebar on the right side to expand it. To add a comment related to a note:
      1. Click Comments below the note.
      2. Click Add a comment below the relevant note.
      3. Type your comment in the textbox.
      4. Click Post or Cancel.
  • Meet your doctor via video consultation

    To meet your doctor via video consultation:

    1. You will receive an invitation link via email and/or SMS from your healthcare professional. This link expires after 5 minutes.
    2. Click Join now.
    3. Sign in to your RocheDiabetes Care Platform account.
    4. Review the camera, microphone, or speaker settings, as required, and click Join.
    5. To mute the sound and/or activate the video, click the corresponding icons from the top of the video window.
    6. To end the video consultation, click the hang up icon.