How to sign in for the first time


As a healthcare professional, I'm unable to sign in to my RocheDiabetes Care Platform account.


To set up your account and sign in for the first time:

  • 1. Create your password

    • Go to your inbox and open the email Your RocheDiabetes password.
    • Click the button Set up password.
    • Type in your password.
  • 2. Read and accept the consent

    • Open the confirmation email Password created! and click Sign in, or visit (for International users), or (only for US users).
    • Type in your email and password.
    • Read and accept the Security of personal information consent.
  • 3. Sign in

    • You can now sign in to your account.
    • A verification code is required every time you sign in from a different country, when you use a new browser, when you delete your cookies, or once every month. If you are being asked for a verification code, follow this article.